Michael Huling


Michael Huling’s designs are imaginative to say the least. His background in fine art is apparent. The pieces I have seen from him could just as easily grace the Louvre as the proscenium on Broadway. A rare find, Mr. Huling’s work is fantastical, beautiful and engineered to last for ages. His passion and heart are in every piece.

–Tony Walton  |  Production Designer_Q6Q7831


mike headshot 1aMichael Huling’s design work has been seen on stage, screen and everywhere in between.  As a fine artist-turned set designer, Mike approaches every project as though it could eventually end up in a museum–and last long enough to make it there in working order! Mike has created designs for some of the country’s premiere entertainment clientele, including LIGHT nightclub by Cirque du Soleil, Vegas! The Show, Six Flags, Cirque Innosta, and his own company, Handsome Little Devils Productions. His work has been seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Off-Broadway at the New Victory Theater and on several national tours.  Nationally, Mike has designed sets and props for Cirque Innosta (Bosque, Verano, Conjure), Six Flags and his own company, Handsome Little Devils. With the Handsome Little Devils, Mike has appeared at international Busker festivals around the world, including the Daidogei Street Performing World Championships. He has been a featured performer for Princess Cruise Lines and the Circus Circus casino. Mike has been an opener for Les Claypool, Reggie Watts and Beats Antique and has been a creative consultant, designer and fabricator for the New Belgium Brewing Company’s Tour de Fat. He also designed the set for the upcoming feature film Decay, starring Rob Zabrecky. Mike is currently appearing in the HLD production of Conjure: A Seance That’ll Make You #%&* Your Pants! as Cornelius Hasbury, a magician and juggler.  He was the co-creator of the nationally-acclaimed Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama, which was presented off-Broadway at the New Victory Theater to critical acclaim, and in 2010, he performed for the New42 Gala honoring one of his idols, Bill Irwin.

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THEATER  |  Production Design

Cirque Du Soleil  |  Light Nightclub  |  Concept Design & Creative Development

The New Victory Theater  |  New York City  |  Props, Set Design & Show Creation

Planet Hollywood  |  Las Vegas  |  Props

Radio City Music Hall  |  America’s Got Talent (PIFF)  |  Props, Set Design, & Magic  

Manhattan Creative Group  |  Cirque Innosta  |  Props, Set Design & Creative Development

Handsome Little Devils  |  Squirm Burpee  |  Props, Set Design & Show Creation

The Cosmopolitan  |  Piff The Magic Dragon  |  Props & Creative Development

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FILM  |  Production Design

Ryan Gosling  |  La La Land  |  Hat Tricks Choreographer

Wrecking Ball Pictures  |  DECAY  |  Production Design 

NBC  |  America’s Got Talent  |  Props, Special Effects, & Set Design 

Spark Shop  |  Commercials  |  Production Design

 NBC |  The Tonight Show  |  Props & Special Effects

Fat Lab |  F’ING PERFECT (Documentary) |  Graphics & Branding

Penn & Teller  |  NBC Special  |  Off Stage Magic Assistant

FOX |  30 Seconds To Fame  |  Props & Special Effects

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CORPORATE  |  Marketing Meets Entertainment

Arrow Electronics  |  Innovators Club  | Event Design & Creative Development

New Belgium Brewery  |  Tour De Fat  |  Set Design, Show Creation & Brand Enhancement

World Presidents’ Organization  |  Holiday Party  |  Event Design & Creative Development 

Cirque Du Soleil  |  Light Nightclub  |  Concept Design & Creative Development

The Cosmopolitan  |  Piff The Magic Dragon  |  Props & Creative Development

Lagoon Amusement Park  |  Cirque Innosta  |  Props, Set Design & Show Creation

Six Flags Amusement Park  |  Elitch Gardens  |  Props, Set Design & Show Creation

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MIKE HULING | Co-founder, Artistic Director, The Handsome Little Devils

Mike is an accomplished performer, show creator, visual artist and set designer. He has performed on TV shows such as 30 Seconds to Fame and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has performed off-Broadway in Squirm Burpee as well as a tribute to Bill Irwin. He has opened for Les Claypool and performed with Michael Franti, and he has brought down the house dancing with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. He is the co-creator of the original Handsome Little Devils show, as well as Squirm Burpee: A Vaudevillian Melodrama and Conjure. Along with his partner, Cole, he has been a creative consultant for such clients as the New Belgium Brewing Company (Tour de Fat), Manhattan Creative Group (Bosque, Verano, The Rainmaker) and Ghost Orchid Films (Decay). Production Design credits include Squirm Burpee, I Love Lolo, Bosque, Verano and his first film set: Decay, directed by Academy-Award Winner Joseph Wartnerchaney. In 2009, Mike’s interactive kinetic sculptures gained the Handsome Little Devils the award for Best Street Artist in Denver. Mike’s background in visual art has given him the determination and attention to detail to create museum-quality art pieces that command the stage and screen.

DAN HULING | Co-founder, The Handsome Little Devils